Introducing Retail Alchemy, an independent Marketing Effectiveness consultancy.

Retail and in-store marketing represents a vital step on the consumers purchase journey, representing an additional opportunity to convert a potential consumer into a sale at the point of purchase. But just how do you tell which elements of your retail marketing strategy have been effective?

At Retail Alchemy we specialise in doing just that. Not only can we help you measure the true ROI of each of your in-store activities, but we can help you understand how this fits into your overall above the line and digital media strategies so that you can optimise the complete marketing mix.

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We specialise in measuring the impact of all forms of above the line media. From TV to Print to Outdoor, we can help you understand exactly which elements of your strategy are working so that you can achieve maximum ROI in future campaigns

The rise of omni-channel marketing has increased the pressure on development of true accountability for digital and social media. Our unique ‘nested’ modelling approach will allow you to understand the role your digital media play in the purchase journey and how they contribute to overall ROI

Seldom truly accurately measured, shopper and field marketing activity often plays a vital role in converting the customer at the point of purchase. Our unique modelling approach will allow you to understand the true value this activity brings to your brand so you can assess what types of activity work best for each store

Our core business: At Retail Alchemy we specialise in the development of bespoke statistical models that allow you to understand the true impact of your in-store activity and, ultimately, identify what works from what doesn’t work.

At Retail Alchemy, we do not believe in a one-size fits all approach. Rather than opt for our modelling services, some clients prefer a more flexible consultancy based approach to help them tackle a range of data and insight issues. This can be anything from conducting bespoke 1st party research through to less technical, but nonetheless vital, pieces of data analysis.

Not all insights require reams of in depth technical statistical analysis. Quite often, merely presenting data in a slightly different format or visualising it in an unusual way is enough to produce vital pieces of insight that could prove useful to a client’s business. Through our expertise in data science and dashboard design, Retail Alchemy are well placed to help clients with their data science issues.

Our Clients

  • "A Pleasure to work with, Retail Alchemy are one of those rare finds who can easily translate complicated data & insights to the less data-savvy. Particularly around explaining Econometrics to a range of stakeholders with very different levels of understanding! Having worked with them over a number of years and projects, I’ve found them to have excellent industry knowledge and importantly an excellent understanding of appropriate modelling techniques that answer the relevant questions."

    Mark Sheppard – Insights Manager
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