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Retail Alchemy is an independent marketing effectiveness consultancy dedicated to proving the value of in-store marketing, merchandising and selling activity.
Although we are relatively young, we are backed up with over twelve years of experience using a variety of statistical techniques to measure the effectiveness of above the line advertising for several well-known media agencies.

It is this experience, coupled with our intimate knowledge of retail that has led us to establish what we believe is the first effectiveness consultancy that is truly geared toward measuring the effectiveness of in-store activity.



Open, Honest, Transparent.

We strongly believe that engaging a truly independent consultancy is the only way to gain a transparent and unbiased view of how your in-store marketing is performing. Despite claims to the contrary, all too often politics and a desire to impress the client cloud the work of more integrated agencies resulting in measurement that, whilst not deliberately misleading, is perhaps presented in a way that makes it look more favourable than it is.
At Retail Alchemy we will only ever give you an unbiased view of your marketing effectiveness, be that good or bad, as we believe that this is the first step in putting you on the road to truly effective in-store marketing.

Despite the highly technical nature of the statistical models that underpin our work, we also firmly believe in the power of relating our results to our clients in a way that makes most sense to them. The results of our work will always be free of highly technical jargon (unless that is specifically required) with a focus on action, so that you are armed with whatever you need to make your in-store marketing more effective.

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